Irina BOZ

PhD Irina Boz is a scientific researcher at L2-CERNESIM-ICI and she obtained the PhD in Biology, in 2010, at “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania. PhD Irina Boz’s research interests are related to plant biology: cytological, histological, morpho-anatomical and biochemical aspects. Research concerns address topics such as: identification and valorification of the phytotherapeutic potential of some species of medicinal plants from the spontaneous flora of Romania; identification and valorification of the chemical polymorphism of volatile oils from medicinal plant species; identification and valorification of the biological activities of volatile plant oils; identification and analysis of the influence of some extracts (of different nature) on some physiological processes in plants.

Areas of expertise:

  • plant cytology
  • plant histology
  • plant morpho-anatomy