CERNESIM » L1 – Papers in journals with Impact Factor

L1 – Papers in journals with Impact Factor

Amarandei, C., Olariu, R. I., Arsene, C., First insights into the molecular characteristics of atmospheric organic aerosols from Iasi, Romania: Behavior of biogenic versus anthropogenic contributions and potential implications, Science of the Total Environment, 877, 162830, 2023.

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Berladean, I., Epure, E.L., Ciobanu, C.I., Carlescu, I., Boussoualem, Y., Duponchel, B., Hurduc, N., Daoudi, A., Novel antiferroelectric materials with resorcinol-based symmetrical fluorinated bent-core mesogens, Journal of molecular liquids, 388, 122753, 2023.

Coromelci, C. G., Maftei, A. E., Neamtu, M., Ababei, G., Brinza, L., Amorphous iron oxyhydroxides nano precursors used for Reactive Yellow 84 removal from aqueous solutions, 2023, Separation and Purification Technology, 125632,

Diaconu, D., Mangalagiu, V., Dunca, S., Amariucai-Mantu, D., Antoci, V., Roman, T., Mangalagiu, I.I., Ultrasound assisted synthesis of hybrid quinoline anchored with 4-R-benzenesulfonamide moiety with potential antimicrobial activity, Heliyon, 9, e21518, 2023.

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Bucur, S.; Diacon, A.; Mangalagiu, I.I.; Mocanu, A.; Rizea, F.; Dinescu, A.; Ghebaur, A.; Boscornea, A.C.; Voicu, G.; Rusen, E. Bisphenol A adsorption on silica particles modified with beta-cyclodextrins. Nanomaterials, 12(1), 39, 2022.

Diaconu, D., Amăriucăi-Mantu, D., Antoci, V., Ciorteanu, R., Mangalagiu, V., Mangalagiu, I.I., Design and synthesis of new hybrid pyridine-imidazolium/benzimidazolium salts with antibacterial activity, Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 67 (1-2), 89-92, 2022.

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Epure, E.L., Lisa, G., Simion, G., Simion, A., Ciobanu, C.I., Carlescu, I., Thermal behavior, decomposition mechanism by TG/MS/FTIR technique and theoretical study of some symmetric and asymmetric bent-core liquid crystals based on 2, 7- dihydroxynaphthalene, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 147, 12033-12045, 2022.

Gherca, D., Borhan, AI., Mihai, MM., Herea, DD., Stoian, G., Roman, T., Chiriac, H., Lupu, N., Buema, G., Magnetite-induced topological transformation of 3D hierarchical MgAl layered double hydroxides to highly dispersed 2D magnetic hetero-nanosheets for effective removal of cadmium ions from aqueous solutions, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 284 126047, 2022.

Lungu, L.; Cucicova, C.; Blaja, S.; Ciocarlan, A.; Dragalin, I.; Barba, A.; Vornicu, N.; Geana, E.-I.; Mangalagiu, I.I.; Aricu, A. Synthesis of Homodrimane Sesquiterpenoids Bearing 1,3-Benzothiazole Unit and Their Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation. Molecules, 27(16), 5082, 2022.

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Roman, T., Murgulescu, II., Ababei, G., Stoian, G., Lostun, M., Porcescu, M., Grigoras, M., Lupu, N., Facile method of raising the LTP content in Mn-Bi alloys by using sequential separation techniques for Bi and Mn, Materials Today Communications, 33 104241, 2022.

Soroaga, L.V., Amarandei, C., Negru, A.G., Olariu. R.I., Arsene, C., Assessment of the Anthropogenic Impact and Distribution of Potentially Toxic and Rare Earth Elements in Lake Sediments from North-Eastern Romania, Toxics, 10(5), 242, 2022.

Soroaga, L.V., Arsene, C., Borcia, C., Pintilei, M., Olariu, R.I., Development and application of an analysis method for the determination of rare earth elements in silicate-rich samples by Na2O2 sintering and ICP-MS analysis, Analytical Sciences, 38(11), 1395-1406, 2022.

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Amarandei, C., Negru, A.G., Soroaga, L.V., Cucu-Man, S.M., Olariu, R.I., Arsene, C., Assessment of Surface Water Quality in the Podu Iloaiei Dam Lake (North-Eastern Romania): Potential Implications for Aquaculture Activities in the Area, Water, 13(17), 2395, 2021.

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