CERNESIM » L2. Biomonitoring and remediation of environmental quality laboratory

L2. Biomonitoring and remediation of environmental quality laboratory

Contact person:
Assoc. prof. PhD Costica Naela

tel +40 232 201511

The biological side of the environmental science is found in CERNESIM as the eco-toxicological assessment, biomonitoring and bioremediation of environmental factors Laboratory. This laboratory will be coordinated by researchers from the Faculty of Biology of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi.

The main research directions are:

  • Biomonitoring the pollution of air, water and soil using living organisms;
  • Investigating the response of plant and animal species to noxes at structural, ultrastructural and physiological levels;
  • Evaluating the ecotoxicological potential of the aquatic and terrestrial environments;
  • Remediation of the environmental quality regarding metals and organic compounds from various natural matrixes:
    o Ecological reconstruction/Phytoremedying through: phytodegradation, phytovolatilization, phytostabilization, rizofiltration and rizodegradation;
    o Microbial and algae biotechnologies for the depollution of wastewater;
    o Biotechnologies for the fungal remedying of polluted soils.