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L2 – Posters

Irina Boz – An overview on Thymus dacicus Borbás.: distribution, anatomy and chemical composition of essential oils, 4th International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf, 29 May – 1 June 2019, Albena, Bulgaria.

Irina Boz, Ligia Acatrinei – Salicornia europaea L.: preliminary aspects on morphometry, anatomy and biochemistry, 4th International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf, 29 May -1 June 2019, Albena, Bulgaria.

Gille, A. Stratu, N. Costică, C.P. Ștefanache, R.M. Crețu, I. Boz – Biology, phytochemistry, medicinal potential of Viola sp.: a review; Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health (NatProdDDH), PSE Meeting; 28-31 July 2019, Lisabona/Portugalia.

Alexandra Filip, Irina Boz, Simona Dunca, Gabriela – Alina Ștefan, Maria – Magdalena Zamfirache – Chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of two Mentha species essential oils, 67th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, 1-5 September 2019, Innsbruck, Austria.

Naela Costică, Anișoara Stratu, Irina Boz, Elvira Gille – Comparative Anatomy, Micromorphology and Biochemistry of Sambucus Nigra fruits, 10th Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries – 10th CMAPSEEC, May 2018, Split, Croatia.

Irina Boz, Simona Dunca, Corneliu Tanase, Naela Costica – Thymus alternans Klokov: data regarding the chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oils, SGEM Vienna GREEN 2017, International Scientific Conferences on Earth & Geo Sciences, November 2017, Viena, Austria.

Irina Boz, Ioan Burzo, Corneliu Tănase – The essential oils composition of Thymus praecox ssp. polytrichus collected from four different altitudes, 3rd International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plants to Pharmacy Shelf, 18-21 October, 2017, Bansko, Bulgaria.

Brînză Maria, Draghia Lucia, Chelariu Elena Liliana, Boz Irina – The influence of some fertilizers on anatomical structure and the assimilating pigments of Gazania splendens „Big kiss‟, International Scientific Congress, Horticulture and Environment Engineering “Horticulture – Science, Quality, Diversity and Harmony”, 19-20 October 2017, Iaşi, Romania.

Bodale I., Stoleru V., Mihalache G., Cazacu A., Peres C., Teliban G., Achitei V., Cojocaru A., Filipov F. Measurements of the electric signals in tomato plants generated by the most important nutritional elements. United Nations/Romania International Conference on Space Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture and Precision Farming – Parallel session on The 9th International Symposium Soil Minimum Tillage Systems, 6-10 May 2019, Cluj, Romania.