CERNESIM » L5. Environmental economic studies and analyses laboratory

L5. Environmental economic studies and analyses laboratory

The Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses is one of the laboratories of Integrated Center for Studies in Environmental Science for the North Eastern Region (CERNESIM). Considering its objectives, it has a stand-alone component, related to some research programs of economic development, performed at micro and macro levels, according to the most stringent aspects of the impact of its activities upon the environment, and also, an integrative role, as it assures the background for economic correlation and practical application of the information and research results obtained in the other laboratories of the center.

The infrastructure of the Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses facilitates the development of fundamental and applicative research actions for this domain, on emphasizing the economic effects of different policies, instruments and economic measures related to environmental protection and natural resources’ conservation.

From an economic perspective, the objective scientific investigation of the pollution problem and of the natural environment utilization as a resource supplier and, at the same time, as an externalities receiver in economic and social activities, represents the main direction this laboratory aims at following. Its fundamental mission is to assure the visibility of its activities at scientific and educational levels, from both a theoretical and practical perspective, so that to render CERNESIM a polarizing institution regarding environmental aspects, backed up by continued and intense concerns for economic development.

The decision-making process, substantiated upon thorough information on the relationship established between environmental and economic issues, generates sustainable results of the economic actions carried out, at both private (individuals, private enterprises, companies, associations) and public (local and regional decision centers) level.

Creation of this research structure of CERNESIM and within the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi responds to the objectives of the Regional Innovation Strategy: it creates new jobs in research areas, encourages sound and functional partnerships between the specialists of the field and the small and medium-sized enterprises, at both regional and national, and international level, in order to grow, stimulate, coordinate and promote the innovation in the region and also to create new pathways for technological transfers and know-how.

Main research directions of the Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses:

A. Business evaluation in the context of internalizing the effects of its activities upon the environment;

B. Economic analysis and evaluation of the existing environmental resources;

C. Economic analysis and evaluation of pollution effects;

D. Studies for identifying the opportunities of introducing eco-friendly technologies in economic activities;

E. Impact evaluation of environmental degradation upon the population, through periodical surveys;

F. Studies and predictions of the urbanization effects upon the environment.