CERNESIM » L5 – Papers in journals with Impact Factor

L5 – Papers in journals with Impact Factor

Brumă, I.-S., Căutișanu, C., Tanasă, L., Ulman, S.-R., Gâlea, M., Jelea, A.-R. (2024) Does the payment method matter in online shopping behaviour? Study on the Romanian market of vegetables during the pandemic crisis. Agricultural Economics. 70(1), 34-47. DOI: 10.17221/314/2023-AGRICECON.


Ulman, S.-R., Dobay, K.M. (2023) Are the traditional socio-economic causes of poverty still pertinent nowadays? Evidence from Romania within the European Union context. Kybernetes. DOI: 10.1108/K-05-2023-0749; WOS: 001045209200001.


Cautisanu, C., Hatmanu, M. (2023) A study of the decoupling of economic growth from CO2 and HFCs emissions in the EU27 countries, Energies. 16(14), 1-23. DOI: 10.3390/en16145546; WOS: 001036302400001.


Brumă, I.-S., Ulman, S.-R., Tanasă, L., Căutișanu, C. (2022) Implications of COVID-19 pandemic on sustainable consumption patterns. Evidence from Iasi County, Romania. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems. 6, 1050977. DOI: 10.3389/fsufs.2022.1050977.


Vodă, A.I., Gradinaru, C., Căutișanu, C., Poleac, G. (2022) Student’s digital competences in Belgium and Romania: A comparative analysis. Frontiers in Education. 7, 1034252. DOI: 10.3389/feduc.2022.1034252.


Hatmanu, M., Căutișanu, C. (2022) Investigating The Relationships Between Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation: Evidence from EU15 Countries. Technological and Economic Development of Economy. 1-25. DOI: 10.3846/tede.2022.17874.


Ulman, S.-R., Mihai, C., Căutișanu, C., Brumă, I.-S., Coca, O., Stefan, G. (2022) Environmental Wellbeing in the Context of Sustainable Development: Evidence from Post-Communist Economies. Frontiers in Evironmental Science. DOI: 10.3389/fenvs.2022.1027352; WOS: 000877270200001.


Diaconu, D.E., Bostan, I., Căutișanu, C., Chiriac, I. (2022) Insights into the Sustainable Development of the Bioeconomy at the European Level, in the Context of the Desired Clean Environment. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 19(18), 11286. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph191811286; WOS: 000859808600001.


Tanasă, L., Ulman, S.-R., Căutișanu, C., Brumă, I.S., Juravle, D. (2022) Vegetables Consumers’ Profile in the Context of Digitalization: Evidence from Romania. Amfiteatru Economic, 24(59), 128-142. DOI: 10.24818/EA/2022/59/128; WOS: 000746992700009.


Vodă, A.I., Căutișanu, C., Grădinaru, C., Tănăsescu, C., Moraes, G.H.S.M. (2022) Exploring Digital Literacy Skills in Economics and Social Sciences and Humanities Students. Sustainability, 14(5), 2483. DOI: 10.3390/su14052483; WOS: 000771256800001.


Hatmanu, M., Căutișanu, C., Iacobuta, A.O. (2021) On the relationships between CO2 emissions and their determinants in Romania and Bulgaria. An ARDL approach. Applied Economics, 54(22), 2582-2595. DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2021.1998328; WOS: 000715630600001.


Hatmanu, M., Căutișanu, C. (2021) The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on stock market: Evidence from Romania. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(17), 9315. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph18179315; WOS: 000694173900001.


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Ulman, S.-R., Mihai, C., Căutișanu, C., Brumă, I.S., Coca, O., Stefan, G. (2021) Environmental Performance in EU Countries from the Perspective of Its Relation to Human and Economic Wellbeing. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health18(23), 12733. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph182312733; WOS: 000735037100001.


Brumă, I.S., Ulman, S.-R., Căutișanu, C., Tanasă, L., Hoha, G.V. (2021) Sustainability in the Case of Small Vegetable Farmers: A Matrix Approach. Sustainability13(18), 10320. DOI: 10.3390/su131810320; WOS: 000701559800001.


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