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L5 – Equipment

The infrastructure of Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses is created to offer proper conditions for research and display of the main environmental aspects of the field from an economic perspective, involving mainly data collection and computation, specific programs for analysis and research programs, audio and video equipment for their development and presentations.

The activity of the Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses is performed in 2 offices equipped with modern computing techniques and in 3 research cabinets. The laboratory for statistical analyses in the environmental domain is equipped with 12 Lenovo Edge 71Z All in one computers, with Windows 7 and IBM SPSS 21, whereas the laboratory for environmental economics has 9 Lenovo Edge 71Z All in one computers, with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, Analyst SQL and Business Planner. Both laboratories and the research cabinets have proper appointments for research activities.

Organization of the spaces held by the Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses assures proper conditions of study and research for investigators, teachers, PhD students, collaborators from academic and research areas, students and practitioners.

The available equipment for research in Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses includes:

  • IBM X33500 Servers (2 units);
  • Workstation – Lenovo Edge 71Z All in one computers (32 units);
  • Lenovo ThinkPad W530 and Lenovo X220 laptops (2 units);
  • Acer Iconia Tab W500 PDA Tablets (2 units);
  • XEROX WorkCenter 5755 (1 unit);
  • EPSON 2900DN ACULASER printers (4 units) and EPSON M244DN printers (2 units);
  • EPSON EB-485WI fixed video projector and EPSON EB-1776W portable one;
  • Samsung UE32F5500 Smart TV;
  • Samsung DVD Recorder;
  • Cisco 1921 Router and HP V1910 24 G Switch (2 units);
  • Sony A55 digital photo camera and Sony XR 160E digital video camera;
  • Canon: I senses L140 Fax;
  • Scanner EPSON Perfection V500;
  • Olymphus LS11E voice recorder (2 units).

The software programs available in the Laboratory can be used for data analysis and processing, simulation of business evolution scenarios, and opportunity analysis for new indicators utilization. Obtaining, processing and application of the data provided by the investigations performed in the Laboratory are facilitated by the following equipment and programs:

  • Analyst.Xecutive.SQL – a specialized program for the evidence of operations and analysis of data of an enterprise/a company/an economic structure;
  • Business Planner 2012 – a software instrument for business planning and for the development of scenarios analysis;
  • IBM Professional Statistics SPSS 21 – advanced statistic software for data analysis and processing;
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2;
  • Microsoft Windows 7 – advanced version of the operation systems;
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Professional – editing, processing and presentation data instrument;
  • Adobe Acrobat 10 – advanced software for converting and processing data in pdf.;
  • Bit Defender Total Security 2012 – protection and security data programs.

Analyst.Xecutive.SQL is a complex tool that offers an advanced, real-time statistical analysis of an enterprise’s activity, permitting to its utilizers to access and correctly analyze relevant information in a rapid and secure manner for a thorough understanding of all functioning and organizing activities and for an optimal decision-making process as a support for business development.

The complex analysis of any company follows the evolution of the main areas of activities: balance sheet of economic activity, financial activity diagnosis, spending budgets, profit centers, suppliers, customers, stocks, staff costs.

Analyst.Xecutive.SQL includes an integrated series of tools, services, methods for accessing, storing / exporting, analyzing and interpreting company’s data in a complex way.

IBM SPSS Statistics 21 Professional Edition soft includes the basic statistic tools necessary for addressing the data quality and complexity problems and functions, in view of subsequent and thorough data analyses. The available modules are the following: IBM SPSS Statistics Base; IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics; IBM SPSS Categories; IBM SPSS Custom Tables; IBM SPSS Data Preparation; IBM SPSS Decision Trees; IBM SPSS Forecasting; IBM SPSS Missing Values; IBM SPSS Regression. These modules permit the development of various statistical analyses, such as:  descriptive statistics (Reports, Codebook, frequency analyses, descriptive indicators for ratio variables), regressions, correlations, nonparametric tests (Chi-square, Binomial, Runs, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Mann-Whitney U, Moses extreme, Wald-Wolfowitz runs, Kruskal-Wallis, Wilcoxon, Sign, McNemar, Friedman, W. Kendall, etc.), multiple response analysis, data reduction analysis, data classification, insight on the actions, characteristics and attitudes of different agents – clients, employees, citizens, voters etc., reporting and graphical analysis, time series analysis.

Project management’s software, an assistance program for analyzing the projects under development and for elaborating a business plan – Business Planner 2012 -, has the following characteristics:

  • It is an advanced software for financial modelling, business planning, budgeting and control;
  • It permits to the utilizers to plan the business activities for the following years, including aspects related to: products, sales, costs, investments and loans;
  • It can be used for business plan preparation, including the financial plan, business feasibility analysis, business risk assessment, budget preparation for the coming years, analysis of different scenarios, presentation of the plan;
  • It has the ability to produce financial prediction reports, including: Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Balance, from which the user can deduct future profitability, liquidity and business performance;
  • It is able to generate advanced analyses, such as: What if? Analysis, profitability threshold, financial indicators, company value, profit center analysis, planned-made analysis and others;
  • It assists the user to business plan writing and presentation through high quality reports and graphical representations.

Through the utilization of the CERNESIM infrastructure and through the development of research activities, the Laboratory of Environmental Economic Studies and Analyses aims at contributing to solving some important problems of the actual world related to natural and economic development, for example:

  • Business development related to the more and more restrictive environmental factors;
  • Identification of sustainable investments, with high economic, social and environmental value;
  • Resources’ consumption and their availability;
  • Correct identification and measurement of pollution risks;
  • Utilization of new technologies in economy;
  • Urban expansion and environmental quality reduction around the large cities.